With over 37,000 followers on TikTok and Instagram and videos that have gotten over 622,000 views, Falak Mughal, a constable based in St. Albert, Alberta, otherwise known as @thatdesigirlcop online, has been using social media to break stereotypes and inspire the next generation of Muslim and desi girls to think about becoming a police officer.  

Breaking social barriers and becoming the example 

“Coming from a South Asian culture, I was always told growing up that, as a desi woman, I couldn’t pursue what is considered a masculine career. I was laughed at when I talked about wanting to become a police officer or even join the military; I was always told “log kya kahin ghay” (what will people say) or “larkiyan aisay kam nahi karthi” (girls don’t do jobs like that), and it always filled me with rage, and I would question why they felt I couldn’t do certain jobs.  

I knew that I had to share my journey and my experiences because I remember wishing I had someone to look up to and ask for advice, someone who looked like me.” 

Empowering the next generation of RCMP Members 

Falak pursued her dreams of becoming a police officer, starting as a constable with the RCMP in 2019. Now, she works with the Diverse and Inclusive Pre-Cadet Experience (DICE), a new RCMP recruitment and retention initiative focused on removing systemic barriers that impact racialized and underrepresented persons who aspire to join the RCMP.  

“The RCMP reached out to me about the program, and I thought it was a perfect fit to share my experiences with other women who grew up like me and a great way to promote diversity and inclusivity in the RCMP.” 


I was honoured to speak at my alma mater about my experiences as a Police Officer 💙 #copsoftiktok #coptok #pakistani #muslimtiktok

♬ original sound – thatdesigirlcop

Beyond the uniform: how Falak helps to shape the future 

Falak posts a range of social media content to her online accounts, ranging from “a day in the life of an RCMP Member”, to packing emergency Ramadan kits.  


Emergency Ramadan Kits for Iftar & Suhoor. As a Police Officer who works shift work, sometimes I am unable to open or even close my fast at the office with a meal. So every Ramadan I pack an Emergency Kit filled with food and water that I keep with me in my Police car. That way if I am at a call during when Iftar opens or during Suhoor time then I can grab a sip of water and have a protein bar. These small things help make fasting during shift work a lot easier💙 If you have any tips, comment below! #ramadan #police #muslim #pakistan #cop

♬ original sound – thatdesigirlcop

“Police officers also have this persona that we have to be “strong all the time,” but I want to break that toxic notion because when we are off duty, we are normal humans living our lives with our spouses, families, or even by ourselves. We too need breaks and time for ourselves to recoup. I wanted to use my page to normalize police officers also having lives outside of work and to highlight that both mental and physical health are equally important.” 

Keep the conversation going: discover more remarkable women in the RCMP 

Falak’s story is just one of thousands of the incredible experiences our women in the RCMP have to offer. From tackling gang violence in the Lower Mainland, B.C., to saving lives while off duty, or even championing new community initiatives to give back to youth, we’re always amazed at the work of our Members.