Donation of Remembrance Purpose

The NPFBF will provide an assistance payment to the next-of-kin of an active National Police Federation (NPF) Member upon their death, either on or off duty. This one-time payment is to assist the family of the fallen Member with immediate and unforeseen expenses that arise in the aftermath of a Member’s death. (i.e. additional funeral expenses not covered by the RCMP and expenses related to family travel to and from the funeral)

NPFBF Donation of Remembrance

1. The payment will be made to the next-of-kin of the fallen Member.
2. The benefit payment will be issued along with a gift letter to the next-of-kin by a National Police Federation Benevolent Foundation representative.
3. This one-time benefit will be paid to the next-of-kin of any National Police Federation Member who has died since January 1, 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the Donation of Remembrance only paid to those who have died since January 1, 2020?

The National Police Federation Benevolent Foundation Board was established in January 2020 and started operations shortly thereafter. All Donations of Remembrance from the start date of the Foundation will be honoured.

2. Are there Benevolent Foundation benefits for Members who are injured on duty?

No. Members injured on duty should report any on-duty injury to their supervisor and record the injury on a Lab1070. Members should also consult their local NPF representative to inquire about other entitlements related to a duty related injury.

3. What is the legal definition of ‘next of kin’?

A person’s next of kin is their closest living blood relative, including spouse and adopted family members.

4. Is a retired NPF Member eligible for the Donation of Remembrance?

No. Once an NPF Member retires and ceases paying dues they are no longer eligible. RCMP retirees should contact the RCMP Veterans’ Association Foundation to inquire about possible support/assistance in retirement.

5. My spouse was a Member of the RCMP and the National Police Federation. My spouse passed away since January 1, 2020 and I have not received the Donation of Remembrance payment. Who should I contact?

Please click on “contact us” on our webpage at and forward us your contact information and any questions you may have.

6. Does the RCMP offer any assistance to the family of Members who die on or off duty, separate from this NPF donation?

Yes. Inquiries related to Member death benefits can be found in the RCMP’s Critically Injured and Fallen Member Guide (CIFMG). The Corps Sergeant Major is responsible for publishing and updating this guide. All inquiries related to the CIFMG should be directed to the Corps Sergeant Major or the Warrant Officers within the RCMP Divisions.

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