“Engaged Youth. Inspiring Service. Safer Communities.” 

The National Police Federation Benevolent Foundation is proud to invest in two bursary programs: the NPF Member-Dependent Bursary Program, and the Public Bursaries Program. These bursaries support the educational development of our Members’ families, and Canadian youth broadly.

Public Bursaries

National – Gordon Clarke Annual Bursary – $5,000

The Gordon Clarke Bursary is awarded each year to one post-secondary student from anywhere in Canada in the amount of $5000.00

Gordon Clarke served as a dedicated Member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and led an exemplary career serving Canadians in various capacities for over 60 years. Originally from New Brunswick, Gordon began his career with the RCMP in 1957, serving faithfully with many well-deserved and regular promotions. You are encouraged to read more about Gordon Clarke here, and understand the many reasons why the NPFBF is proud to honour his legacy, leadership, and invaluable contributions to our Members and Canadians with this award.

NPFBF Regional Bursaries (12 x $2,500)

The NPFBF will provide financial assistance to post-secondary students through twelve bursaries annually in the amount of $2,500 each.

These bursaries are awarded as follows:

  • Four (4) bursaries awarded to students from the Pacific/North Region. 
  • Four (4) bursaries awarded to students from the Prairie Region. 
  • Four (4) bursaries awarded to students from the Atlantic/Central Region. 

Member and Member Family Bursaries

National – NPF Member Child Bursary – $5,000 

The NPFBF is proud to provide financial assistance to the children of active NPF Members across Canada through the NPF Member Child Bursary, in the amount of $5000, which will be awarded annually to one student enrolled in post-secondary studies who has shown exceptional leadership, compassion and support for their community. Please contact the NPF Member Services Centre for the mandatory Member-only code prior to applying for one of these bursaries.

National – NPF Spousal Bursary – $2,500 

The National Police Federation Benevolent Foundation (NPFBF) is proud to offer bursaries to support the spouses of Members of the National Police Federation (NPF) who are pursuing in-person, online, or distance-studies for post-secondary education in the form of a one-time $2,500 bursary. The function of this bursary is to support spouses who must establish a new career or enhance their professional development, as a result of an RCMP relocation.


What is Public Safety and what job opportunities are available within Public Safety?

Public Safety in Canada is the development, coordination and implementation of policies and programs to strengthen national security, community safety, and emergency management. The four pillars of Public Safety in Canada are National Security, Border Strategies, Counter Crime, and Emergency Management.

There are five pathways for jobs within Public Safety, which are Emergency and Fire Management Services, Law Enforcement Services, Legal Services, Correction Services and Security and Protective Services. Applicants studying policing, firefighting, paramedics, nursing (with mental health specializations), mental health and addictions treatment, cyber-security, security, intelligence and defence studies, conflict studies, disaster, and emergency management will be considered.

What are the three Regions receiving bursaries?

The Atlantic/Central Region consists of Quebec, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. The Prairie Region consists of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, while the Pacific/North Region consists of British Columbia, Nunavut, Northwest Territory and the Yukon.

Can I apply for both the $2500 bursary and the $5000 Gordon Clarke bursary?

Yes. Applicants are required to apply separately for each bursary. The Gordon Clarke bursary will be chosen first and the successful candidate will not be eligible for a $2500 Regional bursary.

I am a child of an NPF Member. Can I apply to all three bursaries? 

Yes. Applicants are required to apply separately for each bursary. If you are a Member child, The NPF Member Child bursary will be chosen first and the successful candidate will not be eligible for a $2500 Regional bursary or the $5000 Gordon Clarke bursary. 

Does the Post Secondary Institution that I am attending have to be within the Region in which I live and apply for the bursary?

No. For example if you live and apply for a bursary from Ontario (Atlantic/Central Region) you can attend a Post Secondary Institution in Alberta (Prairie Region).

What information do I need to submit with my written essay?

You will need to complete the Benevolent Foundation bursary application form. If you are awarded a bursary you may have to supply more information prior to the transfer of the funds to your post secondary institution.

When do I have to submit my essay for consideration?

Your essay must be submitted by July 2, at 13:00 EST as all bursaries will be awarded for the fall semester.

When will I be notified if I receive a bursary?

If successful you will be notified in writing by August 31st, of the year in which you applied.

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