The mission of the National Police Federation is to provide strong, fair and progressive representation to promote and enhance the rights of RCMP members.

It is our position that members of the RCMP no longer have a viable, representative voice. Thus, they must choose the best group to represent them as a collective. We want to be that group.

The RCMP has offered to continue with a no cost labour relations model for members in the form of the Member Workplace Services Program (MWSP). However, in that no cost program, members no longer have any national, collective voice. This allows RCMP management to do as they wish with our terms and conditions of employment. This should be unacceptable to us all.

We are seeking to become the sole, certified bargaining agent for members of the RCMP. It is our belief that we have assembled a team of well researched, knowledgeable, professional and credible members who are passionate about advancing all members' rights and protecting all members’ interests and benefits.

Please read through the information on our web page, more will be added as it becomes available and is ready to upload. If there is something that needs clarification, please send us a message in the “contact us” section, we will respond as soon as practicable.

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