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The National Police Federation is the sole certified bargaining agent for regular members and reservists of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police below the rank of Inspector.

The mission of the National Police Federation is to provide strong, fair and progressive representation to promote and enhance the rights of RCMP members and reservists below the rank of Inspector.

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Even canine members of the #RCMP are doing extraordinary work in their communities. Harley assisted Wood Buffalo RCMP in locating a missing 2-year-old boy in extreme weather conditions through his speed and efficiency skills. Good dog, Harley! #woodbuffalo
NPFFPN1 photo
RCMP Alberta @RCMPAlberta
Harley and Cst. Nyeste located a missing 2-year-old boy last week who had wandered away in freezing weather. Harley tracked right up to the boy, who was hidden from sight, and started licking his face. Harley was rewarded with his usual treat, a cheezburger! #TonguesOutThursday

Même les membres canins de la #GRC font un travail extraordinaire dans leurs communautés. Harley a aidé la GRC de Wood Buffalo à retrouver un garçon de 2 ans disparu pendant des conditions météorologiques extrêmes grâce à sa rapidité et à son efficacité. Bon chien, Harley!
NPFFPN1 photo
GRC Alberta @GRCAlberta
La semaine dernière, Harley et le gend. Nyeste ont retrouvé un bambin de deux ans qui était sorti de chez lui par temps glacial. Harley a retrouvé le garçon, qui était caché, et a commencé à le lécher. Harley a reçu sa récompense habituelle : un cheeseburger! #TireLaLangue

Police cannot telework, will see more of these cases. Thoughts with the Member, their family and co-workers for a full recovery.

When the Bolvin family had their presents stolen from their porch, Parkland #RCMP Const. Debra Wash stepped in with donations, “I wanted to do something small and show them that as RCMP in the Parkland area, that we really do care. #covid19Canada

National Police Federation Logo
National Police Federation Logo
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