The National Police Federation is the sole certified bargaining agent for regular members and reservists of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police below the rank of Inspector.

The mission of the National Police Federation is to provide strong, fair and progressive representation to promote and enhance the rights of RCMP members and reservists below the rank of Inspector.

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La FPN annonce les résultats des élections - merci à tous ceux qui y ont participé #GRC #FPN https://t.co/m3FWN8ArvQ https://t.co/BxkKHoNNfD NPFFPN1 photo

NPF announces election outcome - thanks to everyone who participated #NPF #RCMP https://t.co/WWWcAD6RZu https://t.co/TE2a4Iijum NPFFPN1 photo

Rappel pour le vote – Clôture du vote le 7 novembre 2019 à 23 h 59 #RCMP #NPF #VOTE https://t.co/CyTRp123ME https://t.co/D24xmChN6i NPFFPN1 photo

La période de vote commence le vendredi 25 octobre 2019 à 00 h 01 #GRC #VOTE #FPN https://t.co/StgoP8u1HS https://t.co/lMhqQi3tEM NPFFPN1 photo

Attention: All Members – Candidate David Smith Nomination Removal for President Candidate and Tim Croft Nomination Withdrawal for Director Prairie North https://t.co/NdQh89Me0t https://t.co/ZfUVx5R2FI NPFFPN1 photo

National Police Federation Logo
National Police Federation Logo