SURREY, BC – Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum all but confirmed that a new Chief Constable has already been selected, raising serious questions about what role the new Surrey Police Board has in the selection process.

In response to a question about building a new police budget on the CBC program Early Edition on Wednesday September 16, Doug McCallum said:

“And so as far as our budgets that will be determined by our Chief Constable, when he’s hired, along with the Surrey Board.” (emphasis added)


National Police Federation President Brian Sauvé says this confirms what people around Surrey have been hearing for months – Doug McCallum has picked his guy and the hiring process is a sham.

“I don’t think there’s any mix-up here, it has long been rumoured that Mayor Doug McCallum picked his man for Chief Constable for Surrey long ago, and his words yesterday all but confirmed it,” said Sauvé. “His words raise serious questions about the hiring process, including whether any women were considered for the position.”

For months, the National Police Federation has been raising concerns about the hiring process, which had just a two-week application window this summer. Compared with the hiring process for a new Chief of Police in Toronto, where the City is undergoing significant public consultation to receive input in the selection of their new top cop, Surrey’s process falls woefully short.

“We have been raising awareness about this problem for months, because it is clear the Mayor is only concerned about his political agenda, and he’s happy to roll over the provincially appointed Board to get his way,” added Sauvé. “I think we have to assume the Mayor meant what he said, and we need to know whether the Surrey Police Board has any power to reign him in.”

About the National Police Federation:

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