February 29, 2024

Saskatoon, SK – Following is a statement from Morgan Buckingham, Prairie Region Board Director for the National Police Federation, following today’s sentencing decision of 18-years for the killing of Cst. Shelby Patton on June 12, 2021.  

“Today’s sentencing decision is a disappointing result following a brutal and traumatic event. Fundamentally, we believe that individuals who kill on-duty police officers should receive harsh penalties, up to and including a mandatory 25-year sentence, to reflect the heinous act.  

While we acknowledge that 18 years is a significant sentence for a manslaughter conviction, we remain disappointed that this individual did not receive the full 22-years Crown was seeking. Today’s decision provides some small sense of closure on a deeply traumatic and painful chapter for the family, friends, and colleagues of Cst. Shelby Patton, as well as the broader RCMP community, but we cannot forget or forgive the horrible acts of June 12, 2021. 

At only 26 years old, Shelby was a young, vibrant, and dedicated police officer who had an incredibly bright future brutally taken from him. He will be forever missed by those who were lucky enough to know him and will never be forgotten.   

Most importantly, we hope this sentence deters any individual from deliberate, reckless, and harmful actions toward those who proudly protect our communities.”  

About the National Police Federation:

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