Ottawa, ON — The National Police Federation is aware of the Surrey Mayor and Council’s narrow approval of a new budget which makes no provision for increased funding for local policing. This means there will be no increase in the number of police officers in one of Greater Vancouver’s fastest growing cities, leaving the RCMP to do more with less in a detachment that has been under‐funded and under‐ resourced for far too long.

Whenever any level of government refuses to properly fund policing on pace with population growth, rising costs, and aging equipment, they are ultimately risking public safety.

We strongly encourage Mayor and Council to reconsider the very vocal and real concerns they’ve heard from their community and from policing experts to ensure the health and safety of the community and the officers who serve the City of Surrey who are our members.

About the National Police Federation:

The National Police Federation is the certified labour body for over 19,000 RCMP officers and is committed to ensuring its members are fairly compensated, have access to training, equipment and other supports required to ensure the safety of the communities they serve across Canada. The NPF’s member‐elected Board of Directors is comprised of men and women who serve the RCMP across Canada. The NPF accesses leading expertise in the areas of legal, police labour relations, governance and administration, psychology and traumatic stress conditions and other areas critical to effective member representation.

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