December 8, 2023 

Dawson Creek B.C. — The following is a statement from Pacific/North Region Director Chris Voller of the National Police Federation, in response to derogatory and factually inaccurate media and political statements.  

“We are deeply concerned about recent inaccurate media and political speculation criticizing the work of our Members serving in the RCMP’s North District Major Crime Unit.  

Homicide investigations are highly complex, and the legal bar is very high for charges to be approved to ensure these cases proceed to the courts. The significant responsibility to explore all possible avenues, gain the trust of witnesses and others, ensure appropriate and fulsome forensic studies, and build a thorough and clear file while staying in close connection with grieving families takes both a mental and physical toll on investigators who take this work to heart.  

Although it’s convenient and even fashionable for those who’ve never conducted an investigation or achieved a conviction to criticize police, our Members are highly trained and effective in examining and documenting these tragic and often heinous crimes. Publicly criticizing and degrading the work of the police only serves to erode public trust and community safety. It hurts the investigation, and everyone involved, and it is particularly unfair to the families who have lost loved ones and are waiting for answers and closure. 

With a team of 21 positions, the North District Major Crime unit covers 72% of the land mass of British Columbia. Several of these Members are from the Peace Region or have served there in the past and are highly invested in the safety of their home community. The North District Major Crime has taken on 6 investigations in Dawson Creek in the last two years. At times, the Major Crimes Unit cannot comment on the number of cases because the cause of death has not been determined. Neither the Dawson Creek Detachment nor the North District Major Crimes Unit has received a phone call from Dawson Creek media.  

The North District Major Crimes Unit has a strong track record of charges and convictions that matches or exceeds that of the Vancouver Police Department. Since January 2022 NDMCU has taken the lead on 20 files with charges laid on 9, and suspects identified in 4. In total, the NDMCU has laid 28 charges since 2018. Several successful charges over the past two years which are on the public record include: 

  • Greig, 100 Mile House Homicide – first degree murder charge (charges laid 2023) 
  • Youth Charged, Chetwynd – murder charge (February 2023) 
  • Lazarre, Fort St. James Homicide – one charge of homicide (February 2022) 
  • Monk, Fort St. James – one charge of manslaughter (February 2022) 
  • Abraham, Quesnel Homicide – one charge of murder (January 2022) 

In the end, we all want answers, our Members work to seek justice and keep our communities safe.  

We will continue to support our Members, hold baseless armchair critics accountable, and applaud the important work of our Members in service to families and communities.” 

About the National Police Federation: 

The National Police Federation (NPF) represents ~20,000 RCMP Members serving across Canada and internationally. We are the largest police union in Canada. The NPF is focused on improving public safety for all Canadians, including our Members by advocating for much-needed investment in the public safety continuum. This includes investments in police resourcing and modern equipment, as well as social programs including health, addiction, and housing supports to enhance safety and livability in the many communities we serve, large and small, across Canada. 

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