About Dennis Miller

Dennis joined the RCMP in 1993 after a brief career with the Liquor Commission Board of Ontario. After graduating from Depot in 1994, he was posted to Tracadie, NB before continuing in various other duties such as general duty, protective and federal policing responsibilities throughout his career.

As an RCMP Member, Dennis was disheartened by the lack of clear and consistent policies and procedures, and the resulting injustices his colleagues experienced from the selective interpretation and application by Senior RCMP Management officials. His concerns extend to substandard resourcing, equipment, and continual inability for Members to access training. Seeing his colleagues without a voice to represent their issues led him to join others in founding the NPF. In his current role as Vice-President, Dennis’ primary focus was to use his role as co-Chair of the Bargaining Committee to bring Members’ concerns forward in the negotiations with Treasury Board and to eventually secure their first ever Collective Agreement.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Served from 1994-2004 as front-line general duty officer in Tracadie and Petitcodiac, New Brunswick.
  • Moved to Ottawa, Ontario and served from 2004-2007 as part of RCMP Protective Services.
  • Worked in Financial Integrity from 2007-2012, in Sensitive & International Investigations from 2012-2014, as Staff Relations Representative from 2014-2016, and as Training Coordinator for new Members from 2016-2019 until assuming his current position as Vice President of the National Police Federation (NPF) in 2020.
  • Was one of the original founding members of the National Police Federation (NPF) in 2016; the NPF achieved certification in July 2019; and in November 2019 Dennis was elected Vice-President.
  • Identified and developed strategic relationships that assisted the NPF in having critical legislation redrafted that would have been detrimental to the unionization process and future of RCMP Members.
  • Coordinated and governed former RCMP representation model for Ontario, Quebec, and Ottawa Divisions.
  • Advanced recommendations to enhance RCMP procurement process, training, equipment and tactics upon analysis and review of Oct. 2014 Parliament Hill Shootings.