As the NPF has grown in size and influence, we have generated greater interest from the RCMP about the needs of RCMP families. This is a welcome development and as a result, the NPF will be shifting how we deliver NPF Family Services moving forward. Our efforts will now focus on improving Member and family awareness, and access to existing RCMP programs, building long-term partnerships with the RCMP and third-party organizations with world-class expertise in police family support, and growing the mandate and reach of the NPF Benevolent Foundation. 
We will be updating this page to include more information for RCMP Families on how to access existing and evolving RCMP and Veterans Affairs Canada services soon. This page will be updated with NPF-curated information on relocation, retirement, benefits, medical discharge and ongoing access to Enriched Academy and NPF Member and family perks. Please stay tuned for more updates. 
If you have questions, please reach out to NPF Member Services at 1-833-673-8326, or email [email protected]. An e-mail update will be sent out to Members once this page has been updated with new content.