November 23, 2022 

Halifax, NS — Following the conclusion of public proceedings held by the Mass Casualty Commission, and ahead of the Commission’s final report by the end of March 2023, the National Police Federation today released a comprehensive list of its own recommendations, titled Improving Public Safety and Protecting Communities

The NPF’s recommendations are informed by deep expertise in Canadian policing, and aimed at improving Nova Scotians’ public safety by ensuring that RCMP Members will be better resourced, equipped, and supported the next time they are called to a major critical incident. 

Over many months of testimony, the Commission heard from witnesses and subject matter experts about what happened on April 18-19, 2020, why it happened, and how to apply lessons learned and best practices to make communities safer. 

“While nothing can undo the tragic losses of this mass casualty, we believe that our recommendations will inform the provincial and federal governments in bolstering their supports and safety for our Members and the communities they serve,” said Brian Sauvé, President of the National Police Federation.  

As the Commission works to craft its recommendations, it must also consider carefully what the public expects of our Members. It is in that spirit that the NPF has submitted our recommendations across seven key areas: 

  • Optimization of Police Resources in Nova Scotia 
  • Implementation of Comprehensive, Consistent Policing Standards 
  • Enhanced Support for Member Mental Health 
  • Multi-Agency Supports for Victims and Families  
  • An Emergency Air Support Strategy for the Atlantic 
  • Improved Technology for Situational Awareness and Interoperability 
  • Resources and Best Practices to Support Critical Incident Response 

“As a participant in the Mass Casualty Commission, the NPF has been deeply engaged throughout the process, and this report outlines how to improve community and Member safety across Nova Scotia, and across Canada,” added Sauvé.   

About the National Police Federation: 

The National Police Federation (NPF) was certified to represent ~20,000 RCMP Members serving across Canada and internationally in the summer of 2019. The NPF is the largest police labour relations organization in Canada; the second largest in North America and is the first independent national association to represent RCMP Members. 

The NPF is focused on improving public safety in Canada by focusing on increasing resources, equipment, training, and other supports for our Members who have been under-funded for far too long. Better resourcing and supports for the RCMP will enhance community safety and livability in the communities we serve, large and small, across Canada. 


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