“It’s Time to Invest in the Alberta RCMP” 

February 7, 2024

Edmonton, AB – The National Police Federation recently submitted its pre-Budget asks for the Government of Alberta’s 2024 Budget to the Government of Alberta, calling for strategic investments in the Alberta RCMP and across the numerous communities Members are proud to serve and call home.  

Last year’s budget (Budget 2023) only delivered increased funding to the Alberta Sheriffs and those in urban city centres policed by municipal services, while ignoring the critical requirement to increase the number of fully trained RCMP police officers in rural and suburban communities.  

Alberta’s RCMP Members are responsible for upholding the safety of more than 1.5 million Albertans, in every corner of the Province from the rocky mountains to the prairies, yet investment in the Alberta RCMP has lagged under successive provincial Governments.  

“Our Alberta Members are continually being asked to do more with less and require investments to ensure they can continue to deliver safe, innovative, and effective policing services for their communities,” said Brian Sauvé, President and C.E.O. of the National Police Federation. “The Alberta Government has the authority and power through their Provincial Police Service Agreement to hire more Members and direct the priorities they respond to; however, they have neglected to fully fund their provincial police service in step with population growth for several years. We believe it’s time to invest in both policing and public safety for the benefit of our communities and all residents,” he added.  

Public opinion research conducted by Pollara Strategic Insights highlights that 4-in-5 Albertans in RCMP-served areas are satisfied with the RCMP’s policing. Additionally, Mayors and Councils, and Indigenous communities have reiterated to the province that equitable investments must be made across the province. All Albertans, in urban and rural communities, deserve access to fully-resourced policing services that will uphold community safety alongside crucial community and social services.   

Therefore, the NPF is strongly recommending the following priority investments:  

Invest $80M over three years to hire 400 RCMP Officers to meet population growth and future demand 

  • Chronic underfunding of the RCMP and the hiring of police officers has not kept pace with population growth or the ever-expanding mandates RCMP officers are called on to serve in the province.  
  • By the Province’s stated ideal personnel of 180 police per 100,000 population, 400 or more RCMP Members are required for a fully-resourced Alberta RCMP.   

$4M in grant funding to support the implementation of policing committees  

  • Policing committees are a critical function in bolstering local direction on delivering community-based needs and priorities to those that contract the RCMP as their policing service.  
  • By investing in municipalities through assisting their launch of these committees, the Province can demonstrate their commitment to all Albertans accessing policing services that fit their unique needs.  

$4M to expand the Regional Police and Crisis Teams in partnership with Alberta Health Services  

  • The Alberta RCMP have been increasingly relied on to fill gaps resulting from significantly decreased funding for mental health and social services.  
  • As calls for service from those in crisis continue to increase, additional investments to expand regional police and crisis teams will allow for increased access to assistance for those who need it.  

“For too long, our Members have been called on to fill gaps left by shrinking social services,” said Prairie Region Director Kevin Halwa.  He added that “It is time for Members in Alberta to receive the necessary, timely, and much needed investments they deserve and have been promised”.  

“For several years, our Members in Alberta have been caught in the middle of a highly politicized debate on policing. This politicized interpretation of the Alberta RCMP’s role has resulted in less understanding and funding for their critical work,” said NPF Prairie Region Director Jeff McGowan. “Rather than investments in the Alberta Sheriffs or in grants for municipalities to study alternative policing services, it’s time to invest in the highly trained, professional provincial policing service accountable to Albertans: the Alberta RCMP.”  

A copy of our Pre-Budget Submission is available here: https://npf-fpn.com/app/uploads/securepdfs/2024/02/NPF-2024-Pre-Budget-Submission.pdf 

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The National Police Federation (NPF) represents ~20,000 RCMP Members serving across Canada and internationally. We are the largest police union in Canada. The NPF is focused on improving public safety for all Canadians, including our Members by advocating for much-needed investment in the public safety continuum. This includes investments in police resourcing and modern equipment, as well as social programs including health, addiction, and housing supports to enhance safety and livability in the many communities we serve, large and small, across Canada. 

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