March 25, 2024

Surrey B.C. – The following is a statement from Brian Sauvé, President and CEO, National Police Federation, regarding the reported offer of an additional $110 million to the City of Surrey for the ongoing police transition and related confusion around key information.  

“We are very concerned about the potential for yet another $110 million provincial cash injection for the unwanted, expensive, and protracted Surrey police transition which has become a point of frustration for our Members and the public in Surrey.  

Our Members have endured enough uncertainty, delay, political ploys, and even confusion from the government and the incoming police service. 

From the onset of this transition, we have been vocal about the significant and escalating costs to Surrey taxpayers. Since 2018, transition costs have skyrocketed to over $187.5 million – with an additional $141 million budget request for 2024 from the Surrey police service (SPS). Who knows what the future projected expenses will be?  

After five-plus years, there is still no end in sight to rising costs for taxpayers at all levels of this prolonged and disorganized transition. Nor is there any end in sight for our Members, who are eagerly awaiting the ability to move on in their careers and take care of their families. 

With fewer than 200 SPS officers deployed on Surrey streets, residents are paying nearly $1 million per officer on the ground. With reports that the SPS is experiencing a roughly 25% vacancy rate, we urge Minister Farnworth and Chief Lipinski to be transparent with all the challenges surrounding the transition and how this will be addressed to expedite a safe and organized transition.  

Surrey residents deserve to know the true state of policing in their community, as do Surrey RCMP Members.  

Our RCMP Members have been providing effective and exemplary policing services in Surrey for over 70 years and continue to serve their community with pride despite being caught in the political crossfire of this transition since late 2018.  

We are once again calling for a clear and transparent plan to end the uncertainty and ensure fairness and respect to both our RCMP Members and all residents of Surrey.” 

About the National Police Federation:

The National Police Federation (NPF) represents ~20,000 RCMP Members serving across Canada and internationally. We are the largest police union in Canada. The NPF is focused on improving public safety for all Canadians, including our Members by advocating for much-needed investment in the public safety continuum. This includes investments in police resourcing and modern equipment, as well as social programs including health, addiction, and housing supports to enhance safety and livability in the many communities we serve, large and small, across Canada.

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