April 28, 2023 

Vancouver, B.C. — The National Police Federation responds to a decision on the future of policing in Surrey, B.C., announced today. 

Earlier today, B.C. Solicitor General and Minister of Public Safety, Mike Farnworth, announced the Province’s recommendation that Surrey Mayor and Council proceed with a transition to the Surrey Police Service (SPS). This was quickly followed by Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke’s assertion that Surrey would retain the Surrey RCMP, moving closer to the conclusion of an over four-year-long period of uncertainty for our Members, who have provided exceptional service to Surrey residents during an unnecessarily stressful time. 

“We fully support Mayor Brenda Locke’s confirmation that the City of Surrey will retain the Surrey RCMP, which is entirely consistent with the wishes of a majority of Surrey voters,” said Brian Sauvé, President and CEO, National Police Federation. “This has never been about public safety, but rather a political project started by a former Mayor run amok and now exacerbated by the Province, costing all B.C. residents millions of dollars,” he added.  

While the National Police Federation appreciates the Province’s willingness to fund positions that previous governments had frozen and not funded – bringing the full RCMP strength to 10-year old levels – we look forward to working with them to grow the RCMP to ensure B.C.’s public safety needs are fully met by our Members. 

Surrey’s RCMP Members have developed several national and international best practices in community policing and crime reduction, and have achieved reductions in Surrey’s Crime Severity Index – a leader nationally. Surrey residents – the majority of whom have supported retaining the RCMP in five rounds of research and who most recently chose a municipal government who ran on that commitment – will be heard and respected.  

“We wish to thank all Surrey RCMP and Surrey Police Service Members for their continued professionalism, patience, and commitment to public safety, as well as the residents of Surrey for their support throughout this extended process,” said Trevor Dinwoodie, Director, Pacific/North Region, National Police Federation.  

As one of B.C.’s fastest growing communities, the City of Surrey’s needs – including policing – are continually evolving. The NPF looks forward to working with all levels of government to ensure the Surrey RCMP is resourced appropriately and that they have all the support available to them to continue to effectively serve Surrey residents’ public safety needs.  

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The National Police Federation (NPF) represents ~20,000 RCMP Members serving across Canada and internationally. It is the largest police labour relations organization in Canada and second largest in North America. We are focused on improving public safety in Canada for our Members and all Canadians by advocating for investment in policing and other related supports and services. This includes calling for required resourcing, equipment, and supports to enhance community safety and livability in the communities we serve, large and small, across Canada. 

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