November 8, 2022 

Vancouver, B.C. — Following is a statement from Brian Sauvé, President of the National Police Federation (NPF), in response to the release of a report about the urgent and ongoing illicit drug toxicity and overdose crisis in British Columbia:

“The National Police Federation supports many of the recommendations identified in a report presented last week by the B.C. Legislature’s Select Standing Committee on Health regarding the urgent and ongoing illicit drug toxicity and overdose crisis in the province, titled “Closing Gaps, Reducing Barriers: Expanding the response to the toxic drug and overdose crisis”.

The Committee’s report features 37 recommendations aimed at saving lives and moving the province away from this public health emergency in key areas like prevention and education, treatment and recovery, and enforcement.

In particular, we support the urgent recommendations designed to modernize policing in British Columbia by improving the role of police – who have been providing the primary response to complex social and health matters – by investing in health and social services. This may include the hiring and training of new and existing health care and social services professionals and peers so that the appropriate interventions and support are provided by the right people. We also support recommendations to stem the flow of illicit drugs through B.C.’s international borders, keeping in mind that both key initiatives will require additional police resources to supplement our existing Members across the province.

Finally, while we are encouraged by the release of this report and its timely and important recommendations, we will continue watching for next steps and will be closely monitoring their urgent implementation.”

About the National Police Federation: 

The National Police Federation (NPF) was certified to represent ~20,000 RCMP Members serving across Canada and internationally in the summer of 2019. The NPF is the largest police labour relations organization in Canada; the second largest in North America and is the first independent national association to represent RCMP Members. 

The NPF is focused on improving public safety in Canada by focusing on increasing resources, equipment, training, and other supports for our Members who have been under-funded for far too long. Better resourcing and supports for the RCMP will enhance community safety and livability in the communities we serve, large and small, across Canada. 


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