Ottawa, ON — The National Police Federation (NPF) announced today the official launch of the National Police Federation Benevolent Foundation (NPFBF), which helps support families of fallen RCMP Members across Canada. The Benevolent Foundation will also be providing one national and twelve regional bursaries, to support deserving students seeking a career in the field of public safety.

“Establishing the NPFBF was a priority for us because it enables us to assist the families of the brave RCMP Members who tirelessly serve in communities across Canada; often putting themselves in harm’s way, and sometimes paying the ultimate price, in the name of public safety,” said Tim Pettit, Chair of the National Police Federation Benevolent Foundation. “At the same time, we wanted to make a positive impact with young Canadians studying in the field of public safety, and we are particularly proud to help ease their financial burden along that path.”

To that effect, an NPFBF bursary program has been established to provide financial assistance to post-secondary students in four regions across Canada (Atlantic, Central, Prairies/Northern, and Pacific). Twelve regional bursaries totalling $2,500 each will be awarded to eligible students, and a single national bursary totalling $5,000 – the Gordon Clarke Bursary – will be awarded annually to one student who has shown exceptional leadership, compassion, and support for their community.

The NPFBF has also been designated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Foundation as the sole charitable foundation that collects donations for the families of fallen RCMP Members and received charitable status in early 2021. Its Board is comprised of Directors of the National Police Federation.

“Taking care of the families of Members who’ve pledged to keep others safe, while investing in people who seek to do just that in some way or another is the right thing to do, plain and simple,” said Brian Sauvé, President of the National Police Federation. “At a time when the demands of and impacts on public safety professionals are arguably greater than ever before, we encourage all interested post secondary students to find out how the NPFPF bursary program can help support their ambition and career aspirations.”

All bursary applicants are required to submit a supporting essay prior to June 1, 2022, and recipients will be notified of a decision by August 15, 2022. All NPFBF bursary-related eligibility requirements, as well as FAQs, are available at:

About the National Police Federation Benevolent Foundation:

The National Police Federation Benevolent Foundation (NPFBF) was created in 2020 and received charitable status in March 2021 to assist the families of fallen on-duty, off-duty and serving NPF Members.

It provides immediate financial and other supports to the family following the death of a serving Member, it provides post-secondary financial funding for students seeking a career in public safety, and it manages public and Member contributions to support fallen NPF Member families.

About the National Police Federation:

The National Police Federation (NPF) was certified to represent ~20,000 RCMP Members serving across Canada and internationally in the summer of 2019. The NPF is the largest police labour relations organization in Canada; the second largest in North America and is the first independent national association to represent RCMP Members.

The NPF is focused on improving public safety in Canada by focusing on increasing resources, equipment, training, and other supports for our Members who have been under-funded for far too long. Better resourcing and supports for the RCMP will enhance community safety and livability in the communities we serve, large and small, across Canada.

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