2024 Pre-Budget Submissions

Several provinces are in the midst of their 2024 budget consultation processes. In preparation for the development and release of these budgets this spring, the NPF’s GRP team has submitted the following submissions: 

Our main focus for each of these consultations is to call on the provinces to address the resourcing gaps seen across the country and to provide the necessary investments to improve the safety and well-being of our Members. We are currently preparing submissions for Saskatchewan and Manitoba, which will be submitted later this month.  

Provincial Updates

British Columbia  

In late December, the NPF wrote to Minister Farnworth and Minister Sharma regarding the ongoing public safety risk created by the continual downloading of responsibility to the B.C. RCMP. We will continue to push to ensure all law enforcement agencies in B.C. take responsibility to fill their mandates appropriately to end the expectation that the B.C. RCMP will continually fill public safety gaps.  


In December, together with the NPF Communications team, we launched OurSKRCMP.ca to promote the hard work of Members and build public support for increased funding for the RCMP. OurSKRCMP will also be a centerpiece of the upcoming campaign during the provincial election.  We hope you will follow us on social media and encourage friends and family to join our mailing list.  

The NPF recently issued a news release regarding a recent survey that revealed strong support for SK RCMP officers. Over 8-in-10 Saskatchewanians are satisfied with the RCMP’s policing with 75% believing RCMP officers set a positive example for young people. The news release and polling information was also sent to Minister Merriman and shared with both SARM and SUMA during meetings in early January. Full polling information can be found here (available in English only). 

New Brunswick

As of January 12, the Department of Public Safety has not yet decided to accept or reject the proposal for the Carleton Regional Police Service made by the municipalities of Carleton North and Hartland. The NPF’s advocacy efforts in Carleton North and Hartland continue to lift the voices of residents wishing to keep the RCMP as their police of jurisdiction. Our letter-writing campaign has had over 260 people write to the two local Councils and the Provincial Minister of Public Safety, Kris Austin. If you, your family, or friends, are residents of the Carleton North or Hartland area and would like to send a letter supporting the local RCMP, please visit our website

Newfoundland and Labrador 

In response to the provincial policing review announced in Newfoundland and Labrador in November 2023, the NPF has written to the Province’s “Policing Transformation Working Group” requesting to meet and be part of any stakeholder consultation process that it intends to hold. We aim to be a constructive partner in these discussions, bring forward the challenges faced by Members, and outline ways to improve public safety and the overall health and wellness of RCMP officers. 

Nova Scotia

On January 3, the NPF submitted a letter to the Halifax Board of Police Commissioners (BoPC) in support of the Halifax RCMP’s funding request for six new Member positions, as part of the upcoming Halifax Regional Municipality’s pre-budget process for the 2024/25 fiscal year.   

As part of the upcoming Spring 2024 consultations for Nova Scotia’s policing service review, the NPF has proactively written to the Police Review Advisory Committee with a request to participate. We are looking forward to productive conversations about how to enhance the RCMP policing delivery model to meet the evolving needs of Nova Scotia residents.