About Kevin Halwa

Knowing he wanted to be a Mountie from a young age, Kevin volunteered in the forensic IDENT section at the local detachment in high school and college and also prioritized getting a degree to strengthen his skills once he later became a member of the RCMP. Kevin joined the RCMP in 1997 to serve in Alberta, where he grew up. Understanding the need to put Members first, Kevin integrated himself into the Staff Relations Representative Program (SSRP) to help advance their interests. Kevin stayed with the program until it was dissolved and went on to continue his mission to “Put Members First” by taking on a Workplace Advisor Position in the RCMP. 

Always available to Members in need, Kevin takes pride in understanding the Member’s point of view. With formal training in Labour Relations, Kevin uses his experience to advance issues that are important to Members, such as salary and benefits, equipment and uniform upgrades, training, harassment training, loss of home equity, and more. He is happy to see RCMP equipment including personal tasers and light weight body armor now being rolled out to Members across the country. Kevin anticipates the seamless progression of the implementation of various other items in the near future. 

Since being elected as a director with the NPF, he has been meeting with government officials, the public, and RCMP Members in Alberta, working ardently to advance their collective well-being and highlighting the many benefits Members bring to their communities as a registered lobbyist. Kevin is known for his unwavering commitment to setting the record straight in the media, and ensuring justice prevails when Members are wrongfully attacked or unfairly accused. 

Key Accomplishments:

  • Completed a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Alberta, with a major in Human Resource Management
  • Served in Grande Prairie as a S/Cst. in charge of the Provost Section from 1997 to 2001
  • Served in the isolated post of Fort Vermilion, Alberta from 2001 to 2004 before transferring to Sylvan Lake
  • Promoted to Corporal in 2008 when stationed in Sylvain Lake, Alberta
  • Held multiple terms as a Sub Rep within the RCMP Staff Relations Program
  • Promoted to Sergeant in 2017 in Red Deer, Alberta
  • Was one of the Senior Carbine and Pistol instructors in K Division
  • Became a full-time Member Workplace Advisor in 2018, assisting Members on various issues
  • Completed numerous courses in Labour Workplace Relations that focused on contract and collective bargaining negotiations
  • Is on NPF’s Uniform and Equipment Committee, as well as NPF’s National Policy, Health and Safety Committee
  • Negotiated an agreement for off the shelf boots and pants as part of the RCMP uniform