About Brian Sauvé

Brian’s initial career was in banking for one of the world’s largest companies, where he worked in both Alberta and Québec. When his contract expired Brian joined the RCMP and, after graduating from Depot in 2004, was posted to North Vancouver, BC. There he worked in general duties, Serious Crime and ultimately also served as an elected Staff Relations Representative.

As an RCMP Member, Brian found himself frustrated by the lack of clear and consistent policies and procedures and the resulting injustices his colleagues experienced. Ongoing dangerous and disrespectful cuts to resources, equipment and training compelled him to establish the National Police Federation, dedicating his full-time focus to establishing NPF. As President, Brian is now focusing on addressing these inequities by providing legal and advocacy support services to Members and recently successfully negotiated the RCMP’s first Collective Agreement.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Served as a front-line RCMP Member, Serious Crime Investigator and Front Line RCMP Corporal in North Vancouver, BC.
  • Founded the National Police Federation (NPF) in spring 2016; NPF fully certified in July 2019; elected President in November 2019. Brian speaks English and French fluently.
  • Led member negotiations with RCMP management for “health modernization”, resulting in modernized benefits including an increase to vision care and bundling of massage, chiro and other allied health care treatments.
  • Provided members’ perspective in the development of the RCMP’s Mental Health Strategy and a key advocate for “Road to Mental Readiness” resilience training for all members.
  • Developed key relationships with the Veterans Review and Appeal Board as well as Veterans Affairs Canada.
  • Advocated for better mental health resources (as well as other supports) for members of the RCMP through multiple presentations to Senate Standing Committee on Security and National Defense.
  • National Policy Health and Safety Committee member as an elected employee representative to advance member concerns over Canada Labour Code violations and general workplace safety.