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Updating Your Contact Information and First Dues Deduction

Many of you will have received a communication from the RCMP recently notifying you of the first dues deduction on the January 29 payroll, and advising you to update your contact information on the NPF website. Unless you are a registered member of the NPF, you will not be able to update your information.

Instead, please send your updated contact information directly to and we will update your confidential records.

Some have asked why there is a one time $10 fee for new NPF registrations now that dues are in effect. As a dues paying member of the RCMP, you receive all the benefits of NPF representation and the ultimate collective agreement. However, should you choose to be a registered member of the NPF, this brings further advantages such as: voting and/or running as a local representative, input on bargaining priorities and surveys, email updates and newsletters, access to the Rights and Responsibilities handbook and possibly most important of all, the ability to vote on the ratification of a future contract.

There is no requirement on any member of the RCMP to register with the NPF, it is a personal decision on how engaged and informed you would like to be.

We’re also hearing that some RCMP members have received their payroll stub for January 29 which does not reflect any dues deduction. We are looking into this now and will work to ensure that dues are deducted fairly and consistently in future. We’ll share the resolution on this once determined.

Thank you in advance for your patience as we work with the RCMP through the implementation of this new system.

Benefits of Membership in Your Labour Representative Agency

The National Police Federation represents all non-commissioned members and reservists of the RCMP. Members who register directly with the NPF also receive regular updates on progress and updates on labour relations in the RCMP. Only registered NPF members are eligible to run and vote for local workplace representative positions as well as vote on future contract ratifications.

Register today to take advantage of these member-only benefits:

In the meantime, here are three other things you can do to help.

  1. Join the NPF.  Click here.
  2. Share this information with your colleagues.
  3. Stay informed by downloading our app on iTunes or Google Play. (You don’t need to join or share your personal email to use our app.)

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