The NPF is aware of a directive recently issued by H Div, stating that Members can only use a maximum of 80 hours of Annual Leave (AOL) between June 15 and September 15. This approach by H Division Management negatively impacts our Members’ ability to use their hard-earned leave during periods when their families have unfettered access to vacation days. This further isolates Members from their families and does not foster a healthy work life balance to ensure that Members can operate at optimal levels when at work.

As per Article 36.13 of the Collective Agreement (CA), Members are jointly encouraged by both the RCMP and the NPF to use the balance of their AOL every year to promote work life balance as well as their mental and physical wellness. The NPF also encourages Members to update and seek approval for their leave plans as soon as possible throughout the year to ensure requests for leave are actioned promptly.

Since the inception of the first CA, the NPF has been aware of similar blanket leave restrictions during extended periods, some with, and others without merit. It is expected that the RCMP’s rationale provided for any denial of leave will be based on individual circumstances and operational requirements.

The NPF’s expectation is that should H Division management continue with this approach, Members will not see messaging in winter 2025, where supervisors/commanders are encouraged to force Members to use AOL during unwanted periods.

Should a Member feel that their request for leave is being unreasonably denied, or simply that the request goes unanswered, the NPF recommends that the Member requests the reason in writing as per Article 36.13 of the CA. Once that answer is received, please contact NPF Member Services at [email protected] or 1-833-673-8326 (1-833-NPF-TEAM).

The NPF is monitoring this situation closely.

Relevant Points from the CA: 

36.10 The Employer reserves the right to schedule a Member’s accumulated earned but unused annual leave credits but shall make a reasonable effort:  
a. to grant a Member’s annual leave in an amount and at such time as the Member may request;  
b. to ensure that approval of a Member’s request for annual leave is not unreasonably denied;  
c. to schedule annual leave on an equitable basis and when there is no conflict with the interests of the Employer or the other Members, according to the wishes of the Member;  
d. not to recall a Member to duty after the Member has proceeded on annual leave; and  
e. not to cancel or alter a period of annual leave which has been previously approved in writing.  

36.11 The Employer shall give a Member as much notice as is practicable and reasonable of approval, denial or cancellation of a request for annual leave. In the case of denial, alteration or cancellation of such leave, the Employer shall give the written reason thereof, upon written request from the Member.  

*36.13 To promote Member wellness and work-life balance, Members are expected to take all of their annual leave during the fiscal year in which it is earned