As part of our commitment to awareness and advocacy initiatives related to the prevalence and impacts of mental health injuries among our Members during Mental Health Week, the NPF is pleased to share information related to the RCMP’s National Reintegration Program.

The National Reintegration Program supports Members in their return to work following an extended leave of absence, which could be due to a critical incident, a parental leave, or extended medical absence. This Member-led program puts the Members in control, moving at the pace a Member desires and focusing on their priorities.

Several months ago, the NPF was provided an opportunity to speak with some of the Members involved in this program, including National Reintegration Program Coordinator, Ray Savage, as well as several program alumni and facilitators who each bravely shared their own stories about what the Reintegration Program is and how it can help Members.

We have added these videos to our confidential Member-to-Member video page and encourage all Members to view these impactful and challenging stories through the link here (login required). The page also features a downloadable PDF document featuring each Division’s Reintegration Program Coordinator’s contact information.

If you feel you may benefit from reaching out to the Reintegration Program, the NPF strongly encourages you to view these informative videos and to contact your Divisional Coordinators.

The NPF would also like to extend a sincere thank you to the Members who shared their stories for being so open, thoughtful, and helpful, and allowing us to learn and share more about this program and your experiences through it.

The NPF is proud to be here to support you and have your back.