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NPF scores another WIN for the RCMP Membership

When the NPF filed for certification with the FPSLREB in April 2017, a “freeze” was invoked on altering terms and conditions of employment. This freeze is not absolute but there is a regulated process around how our employer can make changes. One of those requirements is to seek consent or ask permission of the NPF to make a change.

On February 28, 2018 DOJ (TB) made an application (link to TB Letter) to the FPSLREB seeking the consent of the NPF, among others, to increase the premiums paid for our Great West Life Long Term Disability Insurance Plan. The DOJ asserted that this increase was necessary because of the increase in members receiving disability benefits.

The NPF believes that the increase in disability payments and claims is directly tied to increased injuries including mental health injuries stemming from the lack of resources and supports available for members. This is further complicated by the decrease in administrative jobs available to members who can no longer work on the front-line due to a disability. Without effective representation, these members have no alternative but to medically retire and collect disability payments.

The NPF opposed this request to increase premiums.

There has been much back and forth in the past few months regarding this issue between DOJ, the FPSLREB and the NPF but on June 22 we were notified that DOJ (TB) has withdrawn (link to DOJ Letter) their request and abandoned this issue.

Our Long-Term Disability Plan is legislated through the RCMP Act and cannot be modified regarding service levels unless Treasury Board receives our permission. We should anticipate that the DOJ will raise this issue again after the certification vote, and NPF will be prepared to ensure that any increased costs are commensurate with increased compensation, benefits and resources as part of a new Collective Agreement.

This matter, in addition to the numerous Unfair Labour Practice complaints NPF has filed and won on behalf of members over the past year shows that having strong, unified national representation is in the best interests of all members across Canada.

We will continue to keep you posted on the certification vote progress.

In the meantime, here are three other things you can do to help.

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