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Voting Begins Friday Oct 25, 2019 00:01 Hrs

As we move forward with the commencement of Voting from October 25 @ 00:01 hrs EST to November 7, 2019 @ 23:59 hrs EST, you will all receive an invitation via your GroupWise Email address and personal email address if so provided (for members without access to GroupWise) from Simply Voting on behalf of the National Police Federation.

Please take the time to follow the instruction prompts to receive and submit your ballot. Everyone will have the opportunity to select a choice for National President and 3 Vice Presidents. You will also be given an opportunity to vote for your Regional Directors based on your geographic locations and identified Posting we have received from the employer.

If you have recently transferred within the last 60 days you may notice your selections are based on your previous posting. Unfortunately this has to do with the information received from the employer.

Once you have opened your ballot you are entitled to vote for whomever you wish. If you chose not to vote for a particular position you can do so and your vote will still count, there will just be no selection for whatever particular position you may or may not chose to identify a vote for.

If in the event you have not received your Ballot by Monday October 28, 2019. Please first check your Spam or Junk Folders. In the event you have not received anything by this time, contact with your name, posting, HRMIS number and personal email address that you would like to receive the ballot at.

With the commencement of voting best wishes to all Candidates in this Historic Election and the Best of Luck to everyone.

At the conclusion of voting, all candidates will be advised via email of the results of the election from the Chief Electoral Officer. This will then be followed with the official results announced to the membership.





Chris Hoffman
Chief Electoral Officer

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