Update On The Pay Package Offered By Treasury Board

As you’ve no doubt heard or read, Treasury Board approved 1.25% pay increases for 2015 and 2016, and a 2.3% market adjustment, effective April 1, 2016. Not surprisingly, this package is sadly similar to other public service unions and clearly does not take into account the RCMP’s role as Canada’s national police force which is not like other arms of the public service.

This does very little in moving the RCMP into a competitive salary range to attract and to retain qualified candidates. This new pay package will have minimal impact in advancing us from 72nd out of 80 Canadian police forces on pay. This means many urban members still make $15,000 to $20,000 less than officers in neighbouring municipalities, and leaves RCMP members who are serving in remote and rural areas significantly underpaid for the challenges they face every day, week and year.

The top two concerns we hear about from members across the country are pay and resources. This pay package falls far short of fixing either issue.

The only thing this does accomplish is to remove uncertainty around long-delayed 2015 and 2016 increases, which allows members to move forward to organize.

The National Police Federation will make fair pay and resources our top priority for all members. To ensure the safety of the communities we serve – and the safety of RCMP members – we need to negotiate a pay package that respects our role as Canada’s national police force and not as public servants.

Now is the time to organize. Now is the time to join NPF.

6 thoughts on “Update On The Pay Package Offered By Treasury Board

  1. This is obviously a huge disappointment for everyone. Looking at the NPF comment in the above post:
    “The only thing this does accomplish is to remove uncertainty around long-delayed 2015 and 2016 increases, which allows members to move forward to organize.”
    I appreciate all the work the NPF is doing trying to get the association up and running, however, is there nothing that can be done once certification is achieved to revisit these small increases? Is there no type of reverse binding arbitration to have these 1.25 % increases in fact increased? If there is this definitely needs to be revisited.

    • David,

      What the RCMP could do better at is negotiating FORWARD instead of BACKWARD….can we not negotiate a package 3-5 years from today? Makes much more sense and at least we, the Members, can plan better knowing what we are getting. Sadly, this is typical of how government operates – lets make the worker bees work without a contract for 3 years then give them a pittance and blame hard economic times – boo-hoo – time we get organized and negotiate hard and have consequences for breach of contract like the government has done.

  2. This is a sad comment on how we are perceived. Can you confirm something for me please? I just heard that they have reduced the Isolated Post Allowance for Northern Members by 20%. Is this true? What can be done about it?

  3. What can be done is forget taking off your yellow stripe on your pants …. educate everyone. We can’t undo what is done … but we can challenge future decisions.
    If mppac folks would agree to merge … this would all be set into motion.

  4. This “raise” is the most ridiculous thing that I have seen in 30 years given the state that we are in now. I am on my way out and I hope that all you members join up and organize. Good luck in the future as you will need it!

  5. Unfortunately this raise is written in stone as Treasury Board was able to force same on our membership without due process. Lets all move forward. Better pay, benefits, pension protection, human resourcing, equipment, working/living conditions, promotion process, disciplinary adjudication, etc. I have now completed thirty (30) years of service. I am still in the fight for our membership. Lets move forward under one (1) voice.

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