Town Hall Video from Ottawa Ontario – October 27, 2016

This informative town hall presentation on the status of the NPF-FPN is followed by an extensive question and answer period. Members from across Canada participated by asking questions to learn more about the future of police federation.

2 thoughts on “Town Hall Video from Ottawa Ontario – October 27, 2016

  1. Very poor production and the message was lost. Totally avoidable so if you want my vote when the time comes then prepare a member that is a good ‘talking head’. This would not be overly slick or cynical and puts some humanity into the organisation…….and were you folks considering a town hall on the coast?…I don’t see it on the agenda and the bulk of the membership is here ffs…..

    • Hi Giles, thanks for your comments. This was our first “streaming” live event ever and yes the production quality could be better and it will be better the next time we do this. There is a wealth of information available on the website to educate yourself and share with other members, please let us know if there is anything particular that need or would like to see. We will be uploading new content and media reports on an almost daily basis now. You will be able to see from the following address all of the town halls planned for the East Coast:

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