The need for strong representation is clear

Over the past few weeks, we have seen many news reports on the use of social media for members to vent their concerns about their workplace and/or resources.

We support all members right to freedom of speech. We see this digital outcry as another symptom of the failings of RCMP leadership over the past number of years. Members have little faith in the internal systems—grievance, harassment, informal conflict resolution or gender-based action plans—and so, in desperation, they go public.

Members trust in the RCMP and leadership must be earned and restored and that is one of the main reasons our membership needs strong national representation. Over 10,500 of you have supported the NPF to be that body and we ask you to continue to spread the word to your colleagues who have not yet joined NPF.

Interim NPF Board member Richelle Daly states “It is unfortunate we have such a mistrust in our leadership that we don’t feel like our concerns or injustices will be heard or addressed with conviction. Moving forward with a strong voice with NPF I look forward to a strengthened relationship with this organization and its people.

By supporting the NPF, we are making a bold statement for change in a staid organization:  a change that will bring more confidence that reporting inappropriate workplace behaviour and issues will be addressed fairly, transparently and effectively. The NPF is committed to be the voice of the membership and advocating for all members.

We’ll continue to update you on our certification progress. In the meantime, here are three other things you can do to help.

  1. Join the NPF.  Click here.
  2. Share this information with your colleagues.
  3. Stay informed by downloading our app on iTunes or Google Play. (You don’t need to join or share your personal email to use our app.)


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