The Final Push and Preparing for Certification

Over 4,000 of your fellow members have now joined the National Police Federation, and we are preparing to apply for certification. We are very optimistic that the Senate, in a matter of weeks, will support legislation that will allow us to become your national representative and we will immediately file our application.

We are in the home stretch and we’re gaining momentum every day.

Your voice and vote will secure better pay, resources and a stronger future for all members. Any opposition to uniting fully and permanently now could compromise our collective future. If you haven’t already, join us now let’s finish this together.

NPF offers all RCMP members the most expedient, fair and certain path to strong representation on key issues starting with pay and resources.

The NPF strongly believes that when provided fact based information, RCMP members will make the choice that is right for them.

The NPF invites all members, regardless of past or present associational ties, to see what the NPF is about and that we are the only, truly national representative body in a solid and imminent position to make an application for certification. Our co-chairs and Board members have extensive RCMP experience and have worked all across Canada. We encourage all members to join the NPF and help us all make history.

Establishing national representation is an historic and critical milestone. To rush that process with a temporary measure invites risk of possible pitfalls, which is why the NPF wants certainty for members and is not interested in a temporary council of employee organizations. We remain open and welcoming of a true merger of all organizations to present a united front in the best interest of all members.


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