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Welcome to the National Police Federation! Thank you for supporting us.

Please email if you have further questions and please be sure to tell your colleagues that you support the NPF-FPN!.

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8 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. All the best in your pursuit NPF. Its nice to see an organization with some common sense. Advocating fear amongst the troops just doesn’t cut it MPPAC.

  2. GO TEAM GO!! My only hope is this will one day help my employer to become as great as I know it can be. This isn’t about picking a fight it’s about mutual respect. Union-busting before we even have a Union by restricting communication via: email, photocopiers, bulletin boards, meetings, in or on vehicles… not cool. What’s next? We can’t talk about it while breathing air circulated by company HVAC? How about while being sustained purchasing food paid for by money provided by my company salary? We need a paradigm shift. Employees can be expected to respect their employer and other employees, agreed… but the *employer* should ALSO be expected to respect their *employees* as well. I’m all for greater mutual respect – go team go.

  3. Thanks NPF for what your doing, I’m extremely proud of your success’s so far on our behalf! Your dedication to the RCMP membership during this C-7 fiasco has really solidified my confidence that your are the right group for us! Keep up the good work! – Nat Phinney

  4. A few years ago I would have been one of those saying “we don’t need a bargaining agent”. Those were the days when Pay Counsel and Treasury Board took steps to keep us in a competitive position within the Police Universe. Those days appear to be gone. I am, and have been for over 28 years, a police officer and expect to be considered as such by my employer. What I am not, is a Public Servant in the manner in which government chooses to view me (us). I am tired of the argument that our pay cannot reflect that of other police services because the PSAC will seek similar pay increases. Let them work 24 hour shift work in small rural communities with insufficient support while putting their own lives and safety in danger ….. in fact, let them become police officers themselves if they want to be treated like us. We’re hiring!!

  5. I just signed up. I researched the different organizations that are seeking to represent “my best interests” but I was sold on the professionalism and fact based approach of the NPF . I guess it is time to stop procrastinating and realize that the future of our organization has changed. I am not much of a union guy, but I am also at a loss for how we as members lack a voice to receive adequate compensation.

  6. Here’s hoping to certification, unionization and taking the best from all groups NPF/MPPAC/MPAO/Legal Fund to better our Force. Put an end to the negativity directed to any group and work together. “Who dares, wins”

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