Thanks to you, we’re making RCMP history together

Over the past 72 hours, the NPF has surged in membership numbers, exceeding 8,600 members or over 45% of the entire RCMP Force. This is an exciting time and the NPF is both humbled by your endorsement and proud to advance the many issues facing our membership.

As we move forward, there is a strategic decision to be made in the short term with respect to certification timing:

  • The NPF makes application immediately this week under present rules which requires a minimum of 40% support but will require a mandatory vote by the membership at some time in the future; OR
  • The NPF waits a week to see if the Senate passes Bill C-4 this week, which with the present strength and growth of the NPF, would allow an application but not require a vote. Essentially a few days delay could speed the process by months.

We know you’ve waited too long already, and our goal is to get certified and begin bargaining on your behalf as soon as possible. We are meeting with advisors early this week to discuss both options relative to our goal and will keep you updated on our decision and progress. We are committed to filing imminently regardless.

In an effort to expedite certification:

  • The NPF has written to the Government representative in the Senate to indicate our interest and desire to see Bill C-4 passed in short order (NPF letter to Senators); and
  • The NPF has written to the Minister of Public Safety and Minister of the Treasury Board, asking them to return Bill C-7 to the House of Commons expeditiously as this Bill will define the rules by which the NPF and its members will be able to collectively bargain in the future (NPF letter to Brison Goodale).

You have spoke loud and clear about the need for unprecedented and historic changes in RCMP labour relations representation. Together, we are making history. We are breaking new ground and, with that, a learning curve for all of us. To accelerate this learning and related key decisions, the NPF has assembled some of the best, most experienced people in police/labour negotiations to comprise our Advisory Council to the Board.

Once certified, the NPF will meet its longstanding commitment that all appointments to the Board and the Presidency will be decided by members at the first general meeting to be held as soon as possible and practicable post certification. This is anticipated about six months after certification, following the election of local representatives and consultation with you, our members, on items for discussion at the first meeting. This is your organization and you will have a voice.

Over 8,000 have made your choice of NPF very clear. Given this, we are in discussions with the MPPAC and AMPMQ with an aim to ensure they will respect your choice, and not oppose and delay our imminent application for certification.

Many of you have reached out with questions and we are working our way through responses. As you can imagine, certification is now our top priority and focus, but we will get back to you. If you haven’t yet, you might find our information toolkit helpful in the meantime.

The stronger and broader our membership, the greater our chance of timely success so we can focus on restoring the RCMP to the respectful and respected national police force we all know it can and should be.

Finally, here’s a message from a member of our Advisory Group to the Board, Dale Kinnear. Dale is a recognized and highly respected leader in police labour relations (bio here):

“Thanks to all the men and women who’ve taken a stand, a great labour relations injustice in Canada will be rectified. Members will have employee representation to ensure their employer and RCMP management treat them fairly, and hold management accountable when they don’t. RCMP members will enjoy the protection, clarification and certainty of a collective agreement and negotiation on compensation, benefits, employee wellness and other important decisions. This will be their contract, negotiated with their employer.”

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