Stay Strong

It’s been a rough week in the news for the RCMP – and it’s only Wednesday. The Civilian Review and Complaints Commission report on bullying and harassment, Sheila Fraser’s report on civil litigation cases and the Auditor General’s report regarding under-resourced mental health services have dominated the news since early Monday.

Your co-chairs have been fielding media calls asking, among other things, if the RCMP is “broken”. Our answer is defiantly “no”.

Our members are strong and passionate about what we do. We improve and save the lives of Canadians every day. Our 17,000+ members go to work to keep communities safe and will continue to do so in the professional manner Canadians expect, regardless of negative news.

At the same time – and for this very reason – we deserve better pay, more resources, better equipment and seamless access to support as cited in these recent reports.

We need government and senior management’s support, respect and focus. That’s what’s broken. NPF will make these central issues part of our key priorities once we’re certified and we’ll do all we can to advocate for change on your behalf in the meantime.

As many of you experience every day, sometimes things get ugly before they get better. This is one of those times. We firmly believe we are on a path to improvement for every man and woman who serves the RCMP. It gets us out of bed every morning and it’s our commitment to you.

Thank you for all you do. Thank you for your support. Please hold your head high and stay safe out there.

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