The Search for a new Commissioner and our Lacklustre Pay Package

As we are all aware, Commissioner Paulson will be retiring on June 30, 2017. As we updated last week, the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission, Sheila Fraser and the Auditor General have all called for some major structural and leadership changes within the management of the RCMP (May18 update).

As a proactive step, the NPF has written to both the Minister of Public Safety (letter to Minister) and the Prime Minister’s office (letter to Prime Minister) asking that the membership, via NPF, be involved in this process of change. We believe that Government would be wise to engage and meaningfully consult the membership before making these decisions. We will keep you posted as this develops.

In addition, as we go through the process of certification and to keep our options open regarding what many saw as an inadequate 2015/2016 pay package, we have written to the President of the Treasury Board (letter to Brison), essentially putting him on notice that the NPF will be asking for some compensation to make up for the years of unacceptable pay when we begin our first round of collective bargaining. Again, we will keep you posted.

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