Savemyrcmp Council Effort – Member Email Update

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This email is a bit longer than most, but some members have been asking how to respond to questions about the “savemyrcmp” website. To ensure we have the most accurate information, we asked law enclosed.

Mr. Rootham provides legal counsel to NPF and has extensive experience advising labour relations yer Chris Rootham of Nelligan O’Brien Payne in Ottawa to prepare a legal opinion for NPF and its members, organizations on issues related to labour, constitutional law, and other related topics. He provides legal counsel to the National Police Federation.

We encourage you to read his letter (3 pages), but here are summaries of his key points:

Risks of a Council of Employee Organizations:

  • This campaign is attempting to create a council of employee organizations, rather than a single merged and united front, to represent RCMP members.
  • If a council were ultimately certified, which is questionable, and any one of the employee organizations in that council were to pull out, the Labour Relations Board must revoke the Council’s certificate, leaving members with no representation.
  • The departing organization could then apply to become the new bargaining agent for all RCMP members.
  • So, a council of employee organizations won’t necessarily end any differences of opinion between employee organizations as any disagreement could simply result in the dissolution of the council and drag members back to square one.

Risks of the savemyrcmp Approach:

  • The proposed constitution refers to a “temporary” council. The Public Service Labour Board may question the viability or authority of such a temporary arrangement and decline the application.
  • The proposed constitution discusses an election, but is silent on what decisions would be included in that vote and on what subjects members would have a say.
  • The constitution is also unclear on the proportionate voice of any member organization. Given Mr. Manser’s recent history with AMPMQ who represent only x% of members nationally, this is a central consideration for members who have told NPF they want fair and appropriate representation across and throughout Canada.
  • The constitution is also unclear about member dues.
  • In Mr. Rootham’s opinion, several statements regarding membership, or loss of membership, with NPF, MPPAC and AMPMQ are inaccurate and misleading. Specifically, by signing up for savemyrcmp you are NOT signing up for all 3 associations.

Our constitution (bylaws) are available on our website, as are our Principles for comparison. Please share this with your colleagues.

2 thoughts on “Savemyrcmp Council Effort – Member Email Update

  1. There have been several confirmed reports of members being openly chastised for not wearing stripes and being threatened with Code of Conduct and loss of pay.

    Are any of these incidents being reported to NPF and acted on?

  2. Well the more of us that work without the stripe. The less they can discipline. Solidarity here will keep the bogus threats from upper management in check and force a more respectful and professional dialogue bewtween both sides.

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