RCMP Provides Voter’s List and Steps Forward

We are pleased to report that after 12 weeks, including a 6-week delay, the RCMP (DOJ) has met their extended deadline and delivered a list of eligible voters in the upcoming certification vote. (link)

As you might remember, on May 2 the RCMP was given 6 weeks to provide a list of eligible voters in the upcoming certification vote to the FPSLREB. On June 15, the RCMP (DOJ) asked for and were granted a further 6 weeks to provide this list.

The NPF now has 2 weeks to examine the list and provide input on its contents. The RCMP (DOJ) will then have a further week to respond to any requests for clarification by the NPF on the contents of this list.

Please note that the NPF will only use the information contained within this list for the intentions stated and will not use members’ personal information for any other purpose.

Although the NPF strongly objected, the FPSLREB ruled that the entire eligible voters list would also be provided to the QMPMA, even though they only applied to represent members in C Division.

We participated in a conference call with the FPSLREB on July 25 to finalize some administrative issues such as dates and method for the upcoming vote as well as dates for the constitutional challenge and will update further once those details are known. In anticipation of this teleconference, the NPF sent this letter to the FPSLREB outlining our concerns to be addressed (link)

We will continue to keep you posted on the certification vote progress and hope you’re enjoying some family time this summer.

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