The RCMP continues to try to quell the membership organizing

The NPF has surrounded itself with many talented and experienced minds in the field of police labour. One of those being retired RCMP member Steve Walker who is arguably one of the most knowledgeable people in Canada about the RCMP pension. Steve presently represents RCMP Veterans on the RCMP Pension Advisory Committee and on the Pension Finance Oversight Committee. His presence there is an asset to all members of the RCMP, both serving and retired.

Recently, RCMP Senior Management have expressed concern in relation to Steve’s presence on these committees and the fact that Steve Walker is listed as an advisor to the NPF in the areas of Pension and Benefits.

It is RCMP Senior Management’s position that this is a conflict of interest.

The NPF has had discussions with Steve and we all believe that his “seat at the table” on these two valuable committees are where his abilities are best put to use. Pension is extremely important to all active and retired members.

Therefore, Steve will step back from his advisory position with the NPF until further clarification is reached on the labour front. Steve remains available to any member, retired or serving, who has a pension issue that needs help with a resolution. We look forward to working with Steve Walker as an advisor once the certification is is settled.

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