Pension Rumours and PSLREB decision on Intervention

Pension Rumours

On October 19, 2016 the Minister of Finance tabled Bill C-27, An Act to amend the Pension Benefits Standards Act, which could allow Crown corporations to change defined benefit pension plans into target benefit pension plans. As members of the RCMP, we enjoy a defined benefit pension plan but are not employees of a Crown corporation.

Since this was introduced, many members have asked how Bill C-27 will impact us and if our pension plan is at risk. Retired member Steve Walker, advisory board member to the NPF who represents retired RCMP members on the RCMP Pension Advisory Committee (PAC) advises the following:

“Bill C-27 does not apply to the RCMP, DND or the PS and there is no indication that the government is considering this for the RCMP, DND or the PS. This year our pension plan showed a return on investment of 12.8%. Over the life of our investments, the plan is exceeding benchmarks and is on the road to self-sufficiency.”

A final note on pensions: they are not an item that is negotiable in a collective agreement. Pensions in the federal government are legislated and it is through representation on PAC’s that employees have a say in the management of pensions.

PSLREB Decision on Intervention

The NPF is pleased to report that the PSLREB has granted the Canadian Police Association intervenor status in both the QMPMA and NPF applications (PSLREB decision). The initial CPA submission can be read here (CPA submission) and as you can see is very supportive of the NPF being the sole, national bargaining agent for members of the RCMP. The CPA brings a wealth of experience and we appreciate their support.

The NPF has also been granted intervenor status in the QMPMA application just as the QMPMA has been granted status in the NPF application. As previously updated (July 21 update), the NPF has filed a motion for the PSLREB to join these two applications in an effort to expedite the matter.

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