Ongoing DOJ/RCMP Delay Tactics – Voters List, Epost and Summer Stalling

As we updated on May 22, the RCMP had until June 15 to provide an eligible voters list to the FPSLREB which would be used to communicate with eligible RCMP members to implement the certification vote.

On May 2, the Department of Justice/Treasury Board (DOJ/TB) and the RCMP asked for 6 weeks to compile this list but did not notify members about updating their HRMIS info until June 5th. Although this was not our task, the NPF sent an email out to all our members on May 22 asking you to please update your HRMIS info and provided instructions about how to do so.

The DOJ has now provided their reply regarding: voter list, using epost for distribution of ballots and available dates for a hearing on the Constitutional question of Bill C-7. In short, they:

  • Want six more weeks to produce an accurate voters list;
  • Declined our suggestion to use E-Post to facilitate a simple and convenient voting system for RCMP members in addition to home and work address ballot delivery;
  • Are not available throughout the months of July or August to hear the QMPMA constitutional issue, so are delaying until September or October

The NPF is utterly disgusted that after waiting until June 5th to ask members to update their contact information on HRMIS, the DOJ state they have done all they can but need another 6 weeks to complete the task. The NPF will adamantly oppose this request to the FPSLREB. Clearly management is stalling, disrespecting members and not taking the urgency of this task seriously.

We will continue to keep you posted on the certification vote progress.

In the meantime, here are three other things you can do to help.

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