NPF Working Hard for Members Across Canada – and Quebec Letter Reminder

We continue to slowly advance towards a certification vote and will provide an update on progress soon. In the meantime, we’ve prepared a list of some of key things NPF has achieved on behalf of all RCMP regular members and reservists, even before certification. In short, we have your back and are looking forward.

We are the only RCMP labour relations representative who have undertaken these important initiatives:

  1. Filed 8 Unfair Labour Practice complaints on behalf of the RCMP membership including:
      1. I. Changes to Legal Assistance at Public Expense policy;
      1. II. Changes to Bereavement Leave policy;
      1. III. Changes to the requirements for promotion;
      1. IV. Unilateral removal of parking for employees at Whistler Detachment;
      1. V. Management emails to members seeking input on collective bargaining topics;
      1. VI. Change to OA/OR policy;
  2. Successfully challenged and reversed RCMP management’s unilateral decision for mandatory payouts of annual leave;
  3. Assisted hundreds of members with direction and representation on issues such as:
      1. I. Requests for accommodation;
      1. II. Requests for accommodation;
      1. III. Code of Conduct and Statutory investigations;
      1. IV. Harassment and bullying in the workplace;
  4. Set up and ongoing monitoring of Health and Safety complaints through a dedicated email address at These will be considered in future negotiations.
  5. NPF is the only organization to apply to FPSLREB to represent all regular members and reservists in Canada, regardless of posting, province or language.

To help engage all members, we hope you’ll help us reach out to your colleagues in Quebec, encouraging them to join us. We posted an open letter to RCMP members in Quebec, and hope you’ll add yours to others’ signatures before Friday May 11. Let’s address widespread resource, training and compensation shortages with a united and national voice.

Please share this information with your colleagues in Québec and let them know what unified national representation can mean to them as well as you and the broader membership.


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