NPF welcomes former MPPAC Director to its ranks

My name is Paul Glennie and I am a Constable currently serving in K Division. I joined the RCMP in 2006 where I was our troop valedictorian and recipient of the Legion Award. I have served in Manitoba in municipal and First Nation’s postings, an LDP in the Northwest Territories, and eventually moved to my current location Alberta.

I am passionate about member rights and doing what is best for the best interest of the membership as a whole. I have a definite interest in our labour relations future and truly believe we have the opportunity to do something special and unprecedented. I got involved with The Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada in 2011 and was a director for the Northwest Territories and continued in this role when I moved to Alberta. Throughout my tenure at MPPAC, I was actively involved in internal and external communications, the start-up and maintenance of MPPAC’s social media presence, and I provided strategic vision to the Board. I became intimately familiar with the structure, ethics, and priorities of the MPPAC over the years and in 2015; shortly after the Supreme Court decision came in; in my mind, the MPPAC had become disjointed from the primary purpose of being of service to the best interest to the members of the RCMP; I chose to move on and left MPPAC.

My interest and passion for member rights continued and I eventually came across the National Police Federation. I found the values and vision of the NPF to be exceptional and most certainly congruent to the needs of the membership. I read through their web page and By-laws and am impressed by what I see. The NPF Board saw value in my experience with the MPPAC and I have been offered to join the NPF to assist in their strategic communications. I am extremely excited and humbled to be a part of the NPF, and genuinely feel that the NPF offers the structure, experience, and vision to lead RCMP members in what will be remembered as a historic and pivotal chapter in our organizations story.

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