NPF Successful in 3 Unfair Labour Practice Complaints

The NPF successfully challenged three unfair labour practice complaints against the RCMP (Treasury Board) with the Federal Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board (FPSLREB) regarding breaches of the statutory freeze.

As described in October, the first of the three complaints addressed changes to Legal Assistance at Public Expense policy. These changes were reversed, and you can read the Minutes of Settlement here;

The second addressed emails sent out by management seeking member input on collective bargaining which the Associate Director of Member Labour Relations has since directed non-commissioned members to disregard. You can read the Minutes of Settlement here;

The third addressed changes to Bereavement Leave policy effective September 2017, which was reversed, and the previous subsection reinstated. You can read the Minutes of Settlement here.

These successes mean the NPF has won 4 out of 5 ULP’s filed since April, the remaining ULP has a hearing scheduled in February 2018. If you are aware of other potential breaches, please do not hesitate to send them to

What is an Unfair Labour Practice? As many of you may know, when the NPF applied for certification in April, that application engaged a “statutory freeze” on many terms and condition of employment for members of the RCMP. Essentially, it means that the employer cannot make new, unannounced changes to conditions of employment while the “statutory freeze” is in place. This freeze is intended to cover any item that may be included in a future collective agreement, but is not all-encompassing and the employer can make some changes.

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  1. Again guys, great work on the Successful Unfair Labour Practice Complaints with the board. The constant behind the scenes work by NPF , although not certified yet is a reminder that the NPF as a future Bargaining Unit for the membership are blazing a trail of success.

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