NPF Submissions now completed, timeline to date and potential delays

Last November, the FPSLREB asked for written submissions from the NPF, QMPMA, DOJ and the CPA on outstanding issues so they can rule on the NPF application for certification and order a vote by the membership.

We have drawn up a timeline (link) from application date to now for your information, you will see the NPF has continually acted in a manner to advance this process as expeditiously as possible on behalf all members. Our final submission was filed with the FPSLREB on January 4, 2018.

It’s also important to note that a Dec 20 submission by the QMPMA requests that the FPSLREB hold a hearing and render a decision on the constitutional validity of portions of Bill C-7. Should the FPSLREB approve this request, it could delay the decision on NPF’s certification significantly.

We now await a ruling by the FPSLREB to either allow the QMPMA challenge or to accept the NPF application and continue with the certification process. All materials submitted are linked below:

NPF Submission December 7 (link);
DOJ response (link);
QMPMA submission December 20 (link);
NPF rebuttal January 4 (link);
DOJ response to QMPMA request January 5 (link).
QMPMA response to NPF rebuttal January 8 (link)

We’ll continue to update you on our certification progress. In the meantime, here are three other things you can do to help.

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  2. Share this information with your colleagues.
  3. Stay informed by downloading our app on iTunes or Google Play. (You don’t need to join or share your personal email to use our app.)

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