NPF News Release – Charles Manser

March 10th, 2017

The NPF is committed to providing fact based information to the membership of the RCMP to assist them in making an informed choice regarding their labour relations future. We aim to create a truly national association that will consider and act in the best interest of all RCMP members.

The AMPMQ, specifically the Vice President Charles Mancer, has recently launched a new web based poll ( which is purported to have been created to force a council between all three associations (NPF, MPPAC and AMPMQ) to speed up the certification process.

A council (temporary or permanent) is permitted by PSLRA but would in the words of several notable Labour Lawyers create inherent and dangerous risks to an RCMP Association. The Lawyers who fought and won the right for members of the RCMP to associate do not advise a Council of Associations as the means to certify an effective and secure Labour Association for members of the RCMP for the following reasons:

  • Once certified as a Council it is extremely difficult to change your status before the PSLRB by merger after the fact. In addition, any single association of the Council group could refuse to merge after certification and therefore force the permanent existence of the Council.
  • All member associations of the Council have the right to exit the Council and could therefore de-certify the Association at any time. This could put having an association back by years and cause RCMP members to once again be unrepresented. The NPF cannot support this risk or loss of rights for members.
  • A Council favours special interest and minority groups by allowing veto rights and possible deadlock in all association matters as well as collective bargaining. NPF believes that a single, national, democratically elected association representing all members, regions and interests is a far superior representation model to protect our rights. It also guarantees members will never will held hostage or threatened by de-certification by a Council member.
  • NPF labour lawyers and NPF Advisory Council Police Labour experts advise against a Council of Associations as it leaves RCMP members and the Council groups open to a “divide and conquer” approach from the employer during collective bargaining negotiations. A single strong national representation model is the preferred recommendation by experts to effectively protect members’ rights. Fragmentation and decentralization of member interest only advantages management and the employer……it provides no tangible benefit to “we” the members of the RCMP.

As you can see below – RCMP members have only been able to certify a bargaining agent since May 17th, 2016 – no earlier, as there was no law allowing it or rules to follow. In this short time, almost 4,000 RCMP members have joined NPF and more are signing up every day.

  • January 15, 2015, Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) renders its decision allowing RCMP members to form an association;
  • SCC gives Fed. Govt 1 year to create framework or RCMP falls under Public Service Labour Relations Act (PSLRA);
  • SCC then extends 4 months to May 17, 2016 for new Fed. Govt to pass this legislation;
  • May 17, 2016, extended SCC deadline is missed and RCMP members can now form an association under the rules of the PSLRA;

The web based poll asks if members are tired of the “infighting” between groups. NPF is collaborative, positive and extends an open and ongoing invitation to other groups to join together. We are the only group that has Board members from all walks of life, with experience across Canada. We have former SRRs, MPAO, AMPMQ and MPPAC folded into NPF. The current President of MPAO was offered an interim seat on the Board of NPF. The same offer was extended to AMPMQ, but they refused. The NPF is and has always been a “council” with the opportunity for other groups to join and be represented.

Since March 2016, the NPF has offered on 4 separate occasions for the AMPMQ to join NPF, sit on the interim Board and merge into one group. On all 4 occasions, AMPMQ has refused, preferring a temporary council.

The “promise of Council now and merger later” appears disingenuous. No one and nothing prohibits unification of purpose under one Federation today.

In open and bilateral discussions between the NPF and MPPAC both groups felt an overwhelming responsibility to speak together on the risks proposed in a Council which only advantages the few while exposing the many to unnecessary risk. NPF and MPPAC both agree that misinformation given to members is dangerous during these critical times.


Brian Sauvé, Co-Chair
National Police Federation

Eddie MacDonald, Co-Chair
National Police Federation

Peter Merrifield, Co-Chair
National Police Federation

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  1. Folks, I have read the article about the efforts being made to create a Counsel. I disagree with this idea as it will cause mass confusion, also it makes no sense. What do we need to do shut down this idea?



  2. Keep up the great work! We have momentum and in the true Canadian spirit of negotiations-remember the British North America Act? We negotiated our Country from Britain without a shot fired!!
    I believe the NDF has a great vision and keep up the great work and you are getting it done!


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