NPF Membership rockets to over 1,000 in a month!

The National Police Federation (NPF) continues to grow in size and we thank you, along with the over 1,000 active Regular Members of the RCMP who have made the wise choice to join us in the past month.

As you may know, Bill C-7 has just finished examination by the standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security and will be returning to the House of Commons for third reading. Although we are pleased with the Committee eliminating the movement of members to Workers Compensation Boards, we still have concerns regarding all the exclusions to collective bargaining within the bill. We continue to advocate with all MP’s, to prepare them for the ultimate debate in Parliament during third reading. As well, we are preparing for our submission to the Senate during their opportunity to review the Bill.

The deadline granted by the Supreme Court for the Government to pass Bill C-7 is May 16th and that date is fast approaching. As we have stated before, members need to be made aware that this deadline is fast approaching and they need to take a stand, the NPF needs more members in order to make an application to the PSLREB on your behalf.

You will find attached an NPF fact sheet which gives a bit of a primer on why we are where we are today in the RCMP labour relations scheme; please share with your colleagues and friends, we encourage firing up the “RCMP telegraph” as we need all members to create dialogue and conversation around this historic point in the RCMP’s history. Members need to be educated and make a wise choice.

Also please find attached the NPF submission to the Parliamentary committee regarding Bill C-7. This will give an indication of how experience in the world of RCMP labour shows the NPF is the wise choice for members. Please share as you desire.

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