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NPF Local Workplace Elections and Support for Members Working the Northern BC Pipeline Protest

NPF Local Workplace Representative Elections:

As we move closer to nominations and elections for local workplace representatives, we wanted to encourage and remind registered NPF members to ensure their home address is correct on their NPF profile. This will ensure you receive your nomination and voting package. Please log in and check that your information is correct.

Local workplace elections will be conducted consistent with RCMP District boundaries. For example, K Division has 4 Districts: South, West, Central and East. So there will be 4 NPF Districts mirroring the RCMP in K Division. This will be applied across Canada for all RCMP Divisions and resulting NPF Regions.

The NPF will be seeking 1 local workplace representative for the first 100 members in each District, and 1 more representative for every 250 members or portion thereof in each District. For example, if your District has 605 members, you will elect 4 local workplace reps (1 for first 100 and 3 more for the remaining 505).

Pipeline Protests in Northern BC:

Our thanks, respect and support for the members deployed to the protests in northern British Columbia. Regardless of political affiliation or climate, our members respectfully and professionally enforce the laws of Canada and Provincial Court orders time and time again. We appreciate the difficulty of this situation and your ongoing persistence and commitment. Enforcing a lawful court order, in trying circumstances under constant and critical public scrutiny is the very definition of what we do uniquely best.

Your actions have shown that the membership of the RCMP are respectful and professional in these trying circumstances. Keep up the good work and we’re all thinking of you. Stay safe up there.

Benefits of Membership in Your Labour Representative Agency

The National Police Federation represents all non-commissioned members and reservists of the RCMP. Members who register directly with the NPF also receive regular updates on progress and updates on labour relations in the RCMP. Only registered NPF members are eligible to run and vote for local workplace representative positions as well as vote on future contract ratifications.

Register today to take advantage of these member-only benefits:

In the meantime, here are three other things you can do to help.

  1. Join the NPF.  Click here.
  2. Share this information with your colleagues.
  3. Stay informed by downloading our app on iTunes or Google Play. (You don’t need to join or share your personal email to use our app.)

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