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NPF election campaigns set to begin

All nominations have now been screened and qualified by and successful nominees have been advised that they are now formally candidates in the upcoming election. With that important verification complete, the NPF campaign period will begin tomorrow morning and will continue until midnight (Eastern Time) on October 24.

As a result of the nominations received, one acclamation for the position of director in Central Region C Division has been made. Stephane Laframboise will be the successful candidate. Our congratulations to him. You will also note one vacant director position in Prairie North Region M/V/G Divisions having not received a nominated candidate.

For a list of nominees and their campaign material, please click here: (Election Candidates)

We hope you’ll take time to review this information about each candidate’s background and other key considerations before you vote in this important election. Those elected will form your inaugural Board of Directors of NPF.

As previously noted, a subsequent election for local representatives will take place after this election, which will determine your local NPF contact and provide an opportunity for all members to gain important and valuable labour relations experience while having a voice at the table.

Candidates are reminded of their assertation of good conduct throughout the campaign period.

Candidates are also reminded that no campaigning can take place at or on any RCMP facility or during work hours – including the use of the GroupWise email system.

Good luck to all. Thank you to all candidates for stepping forward and to all members, in advance, for participating in this election process.

Chris Hoffman
Chief Electoral Officer

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