NPF – Bill C-7 Return to House of Commons

After a disappointing 11 month delay, the Government has returned Bill C-7 to the House of Commons to debate Senate amendments made in June 2016 (Govt Media Release).

Overall, we are glad to see movement on this long-awaited piece of legislation.

Upon initial review of the motion and debate, the Government has conceded to remove all exclusions to collective bargaining but did not go so far as to allow all grievances to be heard by the Public Service Labour Relations Employment Board: only those grievances that pertain to a Collective Agreement. We see this as a promising first step.

Consistent with other federal government employees and the police universe, the Government rejected allowing RCMP members’ pensions to be negotiated. Pensions are normally enacted through legislation with member representation and input on the pension plan, so this is not surprising.

The Government’s motion also includes an expanded “management rights” clause. This does cause us some concern and we will watch this carefully so we can advocate on your behalf at an appropriate time after certification.

We expect further debate on this Bill in the coming week and once it’s approved by the House of Commons, it will return to the Senate for their acceptance or rejection. We’ll keep you posted.

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