Ongoing DOJ/RCMP Delay Tactics – Voters List, Epost and Summer Stalling

As we updated on May 22, the RCMP had until June 15 to provide an eligible voters list to the FPSLREB which would be used to communicate with eligible RCMP members to implement the certification vote. On May 2, the Department of Justice/Treasury Board (DOJ/TB) and the RCMP asked for 6 weeks to compile this … Read more

G-7 Deployments and All Members – Stay Safe – Maximum Hours of Work

One of the most common concerns members have shared about deployment to police and protect the G-7 Summit was the possibility for excessive and unacceptably long working hours due to resource shortages. Police work is stressful and can require life or death decisions at a moment’s notice. Members of the RCMP need proper rest to … Read more

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