MPPAC uses RCMP Commissioner to try and bust union


The National Police Federation (NPF) has learned that the Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada (MPPAC) has lodged a formal complaint with the Commissioner of the RCMP regarding the actions of the National Police Federation providing information about labour association to the members of the RCMP.

MPPAC, through the law firm of Goldblatt Partners LLP, sent a formal letter of complaint to the RCMP Commissioner and Chief Human Resources Officer. The complaint alleges that the National Police Federation, in particular, Sgt. Peter Merrifield, sent an undisclosed number of emails from his NPF email address to members of the RCMP at their work email addresses and that by doing so, Sgt. Merrifield has used RCMP email systems to transmit information about labour associations.

The NPF uses a number of communication tools to provide information to fellow RCMP members on the mandate of the organization and positions we take on labour issues affecting the force. These communication tools include our website, Facebook page and email correspondence with fellow members of the RCMP. Through NPF email accounts, Directors of the NPF communicate with contacts established during their careers; contact information may, or may not, be an RCMP email address. Knowledge of these email addresses exists due to existing relationships, or may be based on knowledge of the general nature of an RCMP address.

The NPF will continue to proactively communicate with members to ensure they are provided with accurate information during these challenging times. To the Directors of the NPF, the most troubling element of this complaint, is that MPPAC would resort to using RCMP management to inhibit members of the RCMP from receiving invaluable information about their choices for collective bargaining rights and representation.

The NPF welcomes all members and looks towards working collaboratively with the goal of meaningful, progressive, strong and fair, collective representation. Thank you for your continued support.

Submitted Respectfully by the Board of Directors of the National Police Federation.

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