Message to Members – September 2016

September 17th, 2016

The National Police Federation wishes to thank all those who have joined us and who have passed on the good word of what we are trying to accomplish. It is through the strength of solidarity that the rank and file membership of the RCMP will enter into a new era and the pursuit of workplace health and happiness will become a priority.  Regardless of your unit, your posting, or your NCO rank – this affects us all.

Bill C-7 Update

The NPF has spent the summer working behind the scenes on Bill C-7. We have met with many MP’s and Senators as well as drafted a position paper to the Government with respect to our thoughts on Bill C-7 and how the Government should proceed. The position paper has been delivered to all MPs and Senators as well as an executive summary outlining its contents.

We have received much positive feedback from many politicians for providing the perspective from the member on the ground regarding this bill and how the original format of Bill C-7 was clearly a management driven item with little or no consultation from the membership.

We will continue to lobby the Government and more forcefully when they reconvene in September. For those that have taken the time to write their MPs and Senators, we thank you and ask that you continue to do so. We also encourage all members to write their MPs expressing their support for Bill C-7 as amended by the Senate.

New Board Member

The NPF is pleased to announce the addition of Stéphane Laframboise from C Division to our Board of Directors. Stéphane’s biography can be found on our web site and he brings with him a wealth of experience in the RCMP as well as being a former member of the AMPMQ.

On that note, the NPF did hold a meeting with invitations to AMPMQ and MPPAC to discuss a unified way forward in July. Unfortunately, the MPPAC declined to attend but a good discussion was had between AMPMQ and NPF. We remain open to including those from MPPAC to be party to that discussion and will continue to make attempts to have them at the table in the future.

Membership Drive

Our membership numbers continue to increase, we still need your help to get the message out to members that without a truly collective national voice, we are all unrepresented employees and our terms and conditions of employment are at risk. Please share this update with as many members as possible. Should you wish to share their personal email addresses with us, we will add them to our mailing list for future updates.

Town Halls and engagement

As an extension of the membership drive, the NPF is presently on a Town Hall tour of the Atlantic and Prairie Provinces. More stops to come in the near future including the Lower Mainland of BC, locations in Alberta, Quebec and Ontario. Stay tuned for those dates and times.

We must stress the importance of taking action and pledging support for an association (ideally NPF). Inaction or indecision at this time can prove to be fatal to the membership. Our fate largely rests on the undecided and/or the uninformed and we must, in all detachments and all units, engage our colleagues to have these conversations. Point them to our website, show them our Facebook page, and generate some questions – this is all absolutely and unequivocally relevant to every single member the RCMP both at home and abroad.

Talk to your friends and co-workers and convince those that have not, to join the NPF today.

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