Mental Health, Frustrations and Advancing Issues

It has long been acknowledged that Emergency Services Personnel experience higher than regular rates of Operational Stress Injuries:  post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder and clinical depression, among others. There is now scientific research to validate this truism. The Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment (CIPSRT) study published recently in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. not only confirms this assumption, but importantly also finds that the RCMP is over represented in almost all categories, sometimes to an alarming extent.

It is our commitment to you, as members, to provide regular updates on the increasingly long road to certification. The NPF has tried to expedite the process with the FPSLREB but continues to be confronted with obstacles from DOJ, Government, RCMP Management and other interested groups. We share your frustration and will continue to do all we can to move this forward despite bureaucracy and resistance.

Recently, the “human cost” of an unsupported, overstretched and sometimes abused membership has come crashing home to many of us. Several RCMP suicides have impacted our membership. The sadness of those losses and the pain for their loved ones is immeasurable. As a “bargaining agent-in-waiting” we continue to advocate and exist for change. As just one example, please see our letter to the Prime Minister on this matter. It is only one of many steps we undertake on your behalf to fight for changes and solutions. You and your families deserve nothing less than the best possible conditions to stave off the effects of the very demanding work we do serving and protecting Canadians.

Now, more than ever, we must unite, speak with one voice and demand change. Please join us in raising awareness, helping and engaging each other and being unafraid to ask for help if you need it. We are stronger together.

We will continue to keep you posted on the certification vote progress and hope you’re enjoying summer as it arrives and settles in across the country.

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